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Capture / Import


Ephesoft Smart Capture

Enterprise Document Capture

Ephesoft’s Smart Capture™ scanning software allows you to automatically classify, separate, sort and extract data from printed documents, faxes and digital documents.

Ephesoft is the most universal recognition engine offering Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) that allows for advanced classification of documents using content analysis, bar code recognition and i extraction of data from predefined structures (forms).

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IBM Datacap

IBM DataCap

Document interception and data extraction for better information management

IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture extracts information intended for use in content management systems (ECMs) and business systems from document images. The software is intended as a universal data extraction platform that allows you to process various incoming documents. IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture allows you to eliminate labor- and cost- intensive printed document management processes and allows you to extract important information needed to make business decisions, while increasing the efficiency of your customer service department.

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