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Professional Services

ECM / BPM system implementation

We offer ECM and BPM system implementation, from consulting and business goal determination, through technology selection, project execution to goals accomplishment assessment.

ECM / BPM platform customization

As we are experts in our industry, we create both specific ECM/BPM platform customizations in accordance with individual project requirements and standardized libraries and components that extend features of standard products.

ECM / BPM system maintenance

We offer comprehensive ECM/BPM system maintenance services that include system administration, SLA-based support, periodic inspections and change and release management.

Technical Consulting

Technology selection

We provide consulting services in ECM/BPM technology selection for a certain business case as well as in corporate architecture design. We build competitive advantage of our customers by including process and content management to their strategies.

Business process analysis and optimization

We identify, analyze and improve business processes in organizations. By using continuous process improvement or process re-engineering we stimulate our customers to achieve operational excellence.

Content management strategies design & implementation

We assess, identify areas of change and plan content management development in organizations using the ECM3 (Enterprise Content Management Maturity Model) model.

Business Solutions

Vertical solutions implementation

Our offer includes ready to use vertical solutions  that address specific and repeatable business problems.

These solutions include predefined business processes and forms based on our many year experience in the field. The solution implementation time can be shortened significantly and the cost is lowered.


Accounts Payable

Digital Mailroom

SAP Archiving

Technical documentation management

Technology Change Management

Repository migrations / ECM technology change

In many cases the document management technology change leads to significant savings and improves flexibility and solution functionality enhancement at the same time. The main problem are, however, millions of documents stored in currently used repositories, which should be available for business each day.

Thanks to our many year experience in document migrations as well as techniques and tools we perfected during many migrations, we offer safe and business transparent migrations that ensure meeting business goals.

Project Management

IT Project Management

Thanks to our qualifications, experience and proper certification, we offer comprehensive IT project management services. At the customer’s request we also manage organizational change (e.g. when process management is implemented in organization).

Content-Rich Applications

Content-rich application development

Using our experience in enterprise content management, we develop user-friendly and responsive web applications based on unstructured data. We also use newest trends of UX centered design.