Trimlogic | SAP integration
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SAP integration

Connecting content repository to SAP system

Gimmal ERP-link

ERP-Link Suite for SharePoint & SAP

SAP connector for MS SharePoint

A set of ERP-Link applications that allow to connect your Microsoft SharePoint repository (both installed on-premise and in the cloud) to SAP transaction system.

Incoming and outgoing documents in ERP-Link can be automatically linked to SAP objects and processes and saved directly in SharePoint. MS SharePoint can be completely transparent for both the SAP user and SAP business processes.

ERP-Link increases productivity and allows you to expand business process automation. With ERP-Link, users outside SAP can connect documents to SAP processes with a single click via SharePoint. ERP-Link allows you to include more users in your organization’s SAP business processes using an intuitive SharePoint interface, increasing the efficiency and productivity while reducing the costs of administration and training.

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Pernexas – Connexas


Certyfied connector SAP – Alfresco

Connexas is the only certified connector that allows you to connect Alfresco with SAP using ArchiveLink protocol.

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