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Business Process Management

Business Process Management is a set of technologies for modeling, automation, simulation and business process analysis in a company.

IBM Filenet Case Manager

IBM Filenet Case Manager

Process and case management

IBM Case Manager offers a flexible work environment, comprehensive strategy and integrated case management tools. It integrates information, processes and people, allowing you to gain a full view of each case while helping manage formal and legal issues. Management and employees responsible for cases can now more efficiently employ key information to make the correct decisions regarding their cases faster.

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IBM Business Process Manager

Business processes management and optimization

IBM Business Process Manager is a fully functional, easy to use business process management platform (BPM), that was designed to be implemented as quickly as possible. It contains tools and work environment for designing, managing, monitoring and optimization of business processes.

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Activiti BPM Platform

Simple and efficient business process management engine

Activiti is a lightweight BPM and workflow platform designed for business users, developers and system administrators. Fast and stable process engine compatible with BPMN 2 for Java environment is the core of Activiti.

Activiti is an open-source product distributed on Apache license.

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