Trimlogic | Who are we?
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We are a team of experienced IT professionals

Our values

We are focusing on our Clients and their needs

We are working hard to ensure our client's success in order to create long-term relationships.

We do not trade, we deliver

We do not promise anything, that we cannot provide. We are engineers, not salesmen.

We are a real team

We are responsible for one another and we work as a team - we all celebrate our successes and we all devote our time to solve problems we encounter.

We value open communication

We believe, that every project is an endeavor we share with our client and that the project's success depends on efficient communication and cooperation between the parties involved.

We invest in skills

We are specialized in a well defined business area and we stand out due to our skills and competence.

We exceed expectations

We take a step further than you expect us to. We do our best to make our solutions smart and unique. We will surprise you.

Management board

Jarosław Łukaszewicz

Experienced manager. He is the manager and architect behind large ECM and BPM projects completed for large companies and institutions. In Trimlogic he is responsible for developing business potential and oversees the production department.

Wojciech Piotrowski
Vice President

Manager with over 15 years of experience in managing teams and projects. He guides our product strategy, project implementation methodology and is responsible for creating content management strategies in organizations.

Dariusz Bochomulski
Vice President

Project Manager with over 15 years of experience in ECM/BPM class systems implementation. He is responsible for maintenance projects and for parts of select development projects. He supports commercial processes and is responsible for obtaining team certifications in key technologies.